What’s In Your Bag?

At the end of “Let’s Make a Deal”, Monty Hall handed out wads of cash when ladies answered this question.

So if I tell you what’s in mine, will you tell me what’s in yours?

Everything has a story…

whats in your bag

  • Five packs of gum – Totally necessary when you’re dieting. Grab a stick of sugar-free gum after dinner instead of this fried ice cream. Can someone explain why these jeans are so tight?
  • Straw – I swear I’m not a cocaine addict…just a mom…a mom who needs to be prepared when the lady at McDonald’s forgets to hand me the proper amount of straws for our morning tea runs. Well…my husband’s morning sweet tea runs. He’s addicted. To tea…not cocaine.
  • Wallet – Overflowing with receipts…instead of money. Remember…I’m a blogger.
  • Gas-X – For when you get that bloaty feeling.
  • Sunglasses – I always invest in a good pair. One of the rare items I actually use every day. Sunglasses and mattresses. Two things you should splurge on.
  • Jewelry – Random. I think this ended up in one of the compartments of my purse on my last vacation. Must have left the room and didn’t want housekeeping to help themselves.
  • Keys – One for the truck. We are a one car family. And one for the house. We are a one house family also. And my Club 33 keychain.  What a glorious memory that was. First trip to Disneyland and I got to experience the private club and the only place in Disneyland where you can consume alcohol. If you don’t know what Club 33 is then you’re probably better off. It can ignite rage in any Disneyphile’s psyche trying to figure out a way to get into the dang thing.
  • Comb – I got nuthin.
  • Dot’s Lip Gloss – Totally bummed that this store is in the process of going out of business.
  • Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss – Received this as a gift for attending the Beautifully Disney Launch at Downtown Disney. This was a fun day. Right after the launch I grabbed breakfast at Kouzzina with my friend Suzannah.
  • Purell – I am a self proclaimed germaphobe. If someone is sick. I’m getting it. Swear to gah. I’m like a germ magnet and I Purell every chance I get. I am especially afraid of kid germs. Them’s some potent germs. Sometimes I refer to kids as Germans…from Germany.
  • Tylenol – I’m allergic to Ibuprofen and anything like it (Advil, Midol, Motrin, Aspirin). Like seriously allergic. Like if you ever want to kill me you can do it with over the counter pain relievers. It’s scary really and it’s an allergy I grew into. I used to take baby aspirin all the time as a kid and then one day I took Ibuprofen and my eye started to swell up. Next time both eyes swelled shut. The last time I took it my lips started to swell. I hope I eventually grow out of this allergy like I did my chocolate allergy. Try having that as a kid. No bueno.
  • Three Business Cards – One from the Tony Roma’s event I just went to where I ate my face off.
  • Three Hair Ties – For my three heads…or three pony tails. Hey, the 80’s is calling.
  • Compact Brush – One of the blogger freebies I got when Disney’s “Tangled” came out. I think I’ve used it never. But this “Tangled” video makes me want to pee my pants.
  • Tampons – See #4 above
  • Runaway Country Music Festival Program – Totally epic country music concert series I just attended you can read all about it and see the redneck-electric-wheelchair-recliner we spotted while we were there here: Runaway Country
  • Pink Nail File – For the next time I visit one of my homies in jail.
  • Sharpie – For the next time I visit one of my homies in jail and they fall asleep.
  • Walt Disney World Resort Pen – My last stay was at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge. I ended up getting sick. Real sick. I think it was because I had to sleep in a bunk bed. And you know who sleeps in bunk beds right? Germans.
  • Ritz-Carlton Pen – This was from a lovely visit to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando back in October of 2012. We had a swanky time and I can’t wait to go back!
  • Carnival Pen – Another epic memory.  This month my husband, daughter and I went on an amaze-balls 7-night Carnival cruise on the DREAM. It was literally one of the best vacations I have ever taken with the two of them. I’ll be sailing on the Carnival Sunshine in a few weeks for her inaugural sailing out of Port Canaveral. Can’t wait to take you along with me!

OK Monty…I’m ready for my cash now. You’ve seen everything I’ve been toting around with me for the past year or so, tell me…what’s the weirdest thing in your purse right now?