The Tinney Farms Corn Maze and Best Family Plans for Fall

Tinney Farms Corn Maze and Fall Festival


This post has been created as part of a Walmart Family Mobile #BestPlans4Fall campaign. As such, I’ve been compensated by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All opinions are my own.

Planning is officially underway for the annual Tinney Farms Corn Maze and Fall Festival! The mini pumpkins have been planted and are being harvested. The corn is about six feet tall and we’ve already cut the maze. We’re lining up vendors, ordering tents and shopping online for last minute necessities.

LG Leon Cell Phone

It’s a family affair and of course all of this planning has been made possible with the help of modern technology and our smartphones!

And speaking of Best Family Plans 4 Fall and smartphones…

This week we got to test drive a brand new LG Leon LTE Smartphone and the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Walmart Family Share Plan and Smartphones

Because the LG Leon is well…a smartphone, it was convenient when we were trying to map out the maze itself. My husband was able to email coordinates to a me at home to map out the maze perimeter on paper. My daughter was able to draw up the map and connect it to our wifi printer. I was able to them print out the map and take a photo of it and send it back to my husband at the corn maze for implementation.

The phone was also handy when I was trying to come up with a design for our corn maze banner. I simply downloaded the “Phonto” app to the phone and then played around with settings until I came up with the finished product that you see in the first image above. I used the Leon to email the design to our local Staples. Easy peasy!

Save Some Money

Now let’s discuss pricing. The Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88 a month and provides you with unlimited talk, text & data (up to 1G of 4G LTE).  That’s a heck of a deal. And the phones aren’t going to run you $1000 like my last smartphone set me back. I purchased the LG Leon LTE at Walmart for $79.82! Who knew you could even get a touchscreen smartphone with a camera for under $100? There was one other touchscreen smartphone for sale that was more affordable than my Leon. The Alcatel One Touch Pop Astro was $64.88.

I purchased a $25 “Starter Kit” to go along with my phone. This was basically my SIM card so I could use the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Walmart Family Share Plan and Smartphones

Service Area

Our family farm is on the fringe of Osceola County which is closest to the Orlando service area and we had no problems connecting to a tower for cell phone talk and text. Data worked well out in our rural area as well. This made it easy to update our social media pages in real time with images shot on the LG Leon.

Tinney Farms Corn Maze and Fall Festival

To find a detailed list of where your LG Leon LTE smartphone will work or to check and see if you have coverage in your area head to

The LG Leon will make it easy to coordinate schedules for our scare actors working the night time haunted corn maze as well as answering questions and responding to comments left by customers on our social media channels. It’s so important these days as a local business owner to keep on top of social media when drumming up new business and encouraging past customers to return.

Easy to Purchase

Purchasing an LG Leon LTE and the accompanying Walmart Family Mobile Plan requires no credit check, no deposit and no annual contract to sign. Also, there are no overage fees. You’re not going to get a text message from your service provider stating that you’ve used all of your data and they are adding so many GBs for an additional fee until that month’s renewal date has passed. That can be so infuriating with other service plans.

If I switched my family over from my current plan to the Walmart Family Mobile Plan I would save over $160 a month. That would buy quite a few Christmas presents between now and December 25th.

If your cell phone contract is up or if you are looking to switch over to a more affordable option. Consider the Walmart Family Mobile Plan and the LG Leon LTE. How would you use the money you’d save switching over this Fall?