Review of the American Table Menu Being Rolled Out on Select Carnival Cruise Line Ships

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Spring Rolls

Carnival’s Diamond, Platinum and even Gold members know one thing about Cruising Carnival and dining in the ships’ main dining rooms. They always have the “Every Day” menu to turn to when they find that one dish or dessert they cannot live without come supper time.

For quite some time now the dinner menu on Carnival Cruise Ships has consisted of two distinct sections: “Today”…daily specials that change from night to night and “Every Day”…items that are consistent…you know, the ones you could order over and over again and never get tired of. These items include a burger, fried chicken, flat iron steak, Carnival’s “world famous” Chocolate Melting Cake and my favorite (pictured above) Veggie Spring Rolls.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Caprese Salad

In its ever evolving role as THE most popular cruise line company Carnival Cruise Line has decided to roll out a new dining concept amongst its fleet of 24 Carnival cruise ships. So far, there have been five ships to receive this distinct epicurean upgrade called American TABLE and American FEAST, and the Carnival Liberty is one such ship. I thankfully sailed on her not once, but twice this month and let me tell you what, American Table is going to be a welcome addition to all Carnival cruise ships in the near future.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu

Here’s a breakdown of the new menu. Sections for “American Table” include Appetizers and Mains. The “Didja” section has been renamed “Rare Finds” and these are items that “you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet dared” and what better time to test out something new than on a cruise where your food has already been paid for and you can order whatever you’d like. You’ll see some of the classic “Every Day” items in the “From the Grill” section of the menu. The bottom is where you will find “Sides” which stay fairly consistent from night to night. On the left of the menu is the “Steakhouse Selections” which are a $20 upcharge. Honestly, I can’t see why anyone would want to order from this section of the menu when they could dine in the Diamond Steakhose for $35 and have a complete progressive dinner in an opulent setting, but I digress.

My favorite section of the menu and one that I did not notice until our third or fourth day on the ship is the “Port of Call” section which features an appetizer, entree and cocktail (upcharge) from the specific port of call that the ship is in that day.

My FAVORITE “Port of Call” menu item were these Marinated Pork Chunks with candied Plantain Chips called Masitas de Puerco Fritas from Puerto Rico.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Puerto Rico Pork Chunks

I also enjoyed trying new dishes like this beautiful root vegetable pie (cinnamon, squash, yam, pumpkin & cheddar cheese) with the most perfect buttery and flaky crust. This item was served on one of Sea Days so the “Port of Call” on the menu was listed as “Eastern Caribbean”.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Root Vegetable Pie

On our other two Sea Days, which were the two Cruise Elegant evenings we were presented with an abbreviated American FEAST menu.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Cruise Elegant Feast Menu

The “FEAST” menu had some exquisite new offerings and standards like the Broiled Main Lobster Tail. I love this presentation. Carnival chefs do all the hard work for you by removing the sweet lobster meat from its rigid tail.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Lobster Tail

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the past seven cruises I’ve taken with Carnival it’s that they know how to do soup! Here’s a look at the Mushroom Cream Soup I ordered on “FEAST” night.

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Mushroom Cream Soup

If you’re not into trying regional specialties from the “Port of Call” section on the American Table menu go for one of the mains like these BBQ Pork Spare Ribs with baked beans and cheddar corn bread. iDie!

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

As I mentioned before, you can still get a warm gooey serving of Carnival’s Chocolate Melting Cake every night after dinner has been served but I think you should try some of the new menu items like the S’mores Parfait or this Nutella Tiramisu!

Carnival Cruise Line American Table Menu - Nutella Tiramisu

I have to admit, I was a little shocked when I entered the dining room on my first night of our cruise and was presented with a one-sheet “American Table” menu. I really had my heart set on multiple plates of Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls every night (FYI I got my fix satisfied one night when the spring rolls made an appearance on the “Appetizers” section of the menu). This forced me out of my cruise routine and allowed me to have a unique and new dining experience each evening.

“American Table” has some real gems amongst it. It’s time for you to book your next vacation on Carnival Cruise Lines so you can experience it for yourself.

To book your cruise vacation visit or call 1-800-764-7419.

Special thanks goes out to Carnival for providing us passage on the Carnival Liberty. I was not required to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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  • Karitsa Khalid says:

    I just sailed Carnival Sensation and our food was very disappointing. Extremely.. My prior Carnival cruises, the food was much better. We had a version of this American menu, and frankly I felt like it was boring and food I could have everyday. We did not have the “Port of Call” section.. The main goal of cruises, for me, is variety and trying new and fun dishes. This was highly disappointing and reason for me to not choose Carnival for my next cruise. I am a frequent cruiser, Royal, Carnival and Norwegian, and so far this new menu is steering me away from Carnival.

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