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AmandaHi! I’m Amanda.

If you love travel, vegan food and photography you’ll feel right at home here!

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What You’ll Find Round These Parts

Here on “Where’s Amanda?” you will find stories to inspire you to get out there and “TRAVEL” the world. I also share Restaurant reviews with epic food photos.

Interested in the business of blogging or wonder how I get to travel so much…read up on my “BLOGGER TIPS” and because I indulge in so much culinary travel I also like to balance it out by “RUNNING“. Being a tad bit of a Disney Nerd you will find a ton of runDisney race recaps in that section of the site.

I’m a sucker for a luxury resort and fine dining so I try and keep it classy. Most of my resort and restaurant reviews will fall somewhere in between the realm of the Hilton to The Four Seasons.

What You Won’t Find Round These Parts

I’m a married woman and a mom to a teenager and I like being home with those two humans from time to time so what you won’t find here is extreme, extended-length travel. Backpacking or camping of any kind (though I do love a good glamping vaycay) or reviews of hostels, budget travel or stories of how I travel on “fifty cents a day”. I’m not saying this type of travel is bad…I’m just self aware enough to realize it’s not for me.

Still Reading?

Hey there! You’re still here. Guess this spot is where my bio goes…

Born in Kentucky but raised on the east coast of Florida until my father took a job in Key West. I graduated Key West High School and moved to Orlando to do what every other kid my age was doing…go to college. I attended UCF and got a degree in Legal Studies.

Realizing that law practice just wasn’t for me, I decided to do something I enjoyed for a change and started a blog. Blogging has provided me with many opportunities to travel and my horizons have expanded.  That’s where this site comes in. I’m constantly planning vacations and other shenanigans… this blog will be an extension of those stories.

My friends and family are always asking “Where’s Amanda” off to now? Well…Here’s where I plan on taking you along with me. Let’s have some fun shall we?

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