Jurassic Park Easter Egg Inside Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs

Jurassic Park Easter Egg at Indiana Jones Jock Lindsey hangar Bar at Disney Springs

As a self-proclaimed Disneyphile I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am to show you guys the best Disney Easter Egg I have seen in quite some time. Equally exciting is the fact that this hidden gem is not easily accessible. I was allowed inside a cast member exclusive area so that I could capture a good photo, but never fear, you can see it as a casual guest as well.

For those of you who think I’m speaking a foreign language or are anticipating a photo of a crazy pastel colored chicken egg, let me explain.

Disneyphile (n) – a hardcore Disney fan

And when I refer to an Easter Egg I am referring to a hidden item added in for close watchers or uber fans to discover.

The owner of the Hangar Bar, Jock Lindsey, is based off a character in the Indiana Jones franchise, so we expect to uncover a few Indiana Jones related Easter Eggs and of course a few Hidden Mickeys. We are at Walt Disney World after all. But when the cast member giving me the inside scoop said “I’m going to show you the BEST Easter Egg in the entire bar”, the hairs on my neck stood up a little bit when I discovered it was Jurassic Park related.

Jurassic Park Tooth Easter Egg at Walt Disney World

So here it is folks. This is a tooth from Jurassic Park encased in glass behind the outside bar at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar located at The landings in Disney Springs (formerly Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney).

Jurassic Park Easter Egg at Indiana Jones Jock Lindsey hangar Bar at Disney Springs

While you scratch your head there for a minute let me show you a close up of the tattered fabric inside the case.

Jurassic Park Easter Egg at Indiana Jones Jock Lindsey hangar Bar at Disney Springs

If you’re having a bit of trouble making it out, it reads…

Thanks for getting me off the island. – S.

The “S” stands for Steven Spielberg…and now here’s the back story.

The Tie Between Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park

Jock Lindsey was a character in “Raiders of the Lost Arc”. He was an airplane pilot hired by Indiana Jones. If you recall the opening scene of “Raiders of the Lost Arc” you might remember seeing Jock fishing off of one of his seaplane’s pontoons while Indy was running towards him with an army of Hovito natives chasing after him. Believe it or not, Jock Lindsey isn’t an actor by trade. He actually IS a real airline pilot named Fred Sorenson.

So how did Sorenson snag the role of Indy’s pilot?

After a 20-year career with Hawaiian Airlines, Fred happened to meet director Steven Spielberg when Spielberg was in Hawaii scouting locations. After Sorenson had flown the director around for a few days he was presented with the offer to portray the role of Jock in the 1981 movie “Raiders of the Lost Arc”. The rest you can say was movie history.

So how does this tie in with Jurassic Park?

Well…In 1992, almost ten years after he had appeared in Spielberg’s “Raiders of the Lost Arc”, Sorenson flew into Kauai on a rescue mission to pick up the film crew of Jurassic Park who had been stranded by hurricane Eniki. That crew included Steven Spielberg. Steven gave the pilot a token of his gratitude (dino tooth) and a note (Thanks for getting me off the island).


If you’d like to see this Easter Egg for yourself you can find it hanging on the wall behind the patio bar at the Hangar Bar in Disney Springs. If you are facing the front of the building it will be the bar on the exterior of the right hand side of the building closest to the Amphicar Launch. Happy hunting!

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