Get Your Share of $103 Billion – Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Blog

Why Now Is the Best Time to Start a Blog

When was the last time you watched a television ad? No…I mean really sat and watched the entire thing? If you’re like most of the viewing public you haven’t seen one in a long time. Why? Because you simply fast forward through them on your DVR. And for those of you watching live programming, how many will admit to sitting with your remote in one hand and your smart phone in the other hand so you can check your social media while the commercials run?

U.S. advertisers’ spending on digital advertising will overtake TV in 2016 and hit $103 billion in 2019…

These findings reported by Adage according to Forrester’s latest estimates based on its ForecastView model.

Traditional advertisers have been somewhat slow to catch on, but they are starting to see the light. TV ads have lost their effectiveness and print ad spend is in a severe decline. So where are the advertising dollars flowing? They’re going directly to digital.

As a blogger who has been online since 2009 I have seen a decline in my Google Adsense display ad revenue. That’s the banner ads that appear on my website. Um…what? But Amanda, you just said that traditional print and television advertisers are making the move to digital. Well, yes, but there are multiple types of digital ad products.

  • Display – Banner and text link ads
  • Search – The ads that are served when you perform a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Video – The ads (you can’t fast forward) that run before a YouTube video plays
  • Social – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Email – Ads that appear in a newsletter you signed up for or direct email ads
  • Native – Editorial ads

The one I want to focus on here for a moment is native ads. What exactly are native ads (aka branded content).

Native advertising is editorial content which promotes a product or service that blends seamlessly with the normal look and feel of a website.

For example…which would you rather see? Let’s say you are a home cook and you are on your favorite food blogger’s website. Do you want to see a pop up ad featuring the latest tires on sale at Sam’s Club or would you rather see a post on “Ten 30 Minute Meals You Can Make Tonight Using Chicken” that has been sponsored by Purdue?  The pop up ad is what is referred to as interruption marketing. You’re reading along and BAM the pop up ad interrupts the screen. So annoying! The native ad by Perdue is what is called permission marketing. You, the reader, are giving the food blogger permission to market to you by reading the content that actually brings you value.

And in case you’re wondering, the FTC requires that this type of advertising come with a disclaimer that clearly states the advertorial is sponsored content.

Bloggers need to strike a fine balance between branded and non-branded content. Just like you wouldn’t want to read a magazine that was page after page of advertisements, you wouldn’t come back to read a blog that was story after story of branded content. There has to be a balance.

How Can I Get Paid?

This all sounds fascinating Amanda but how do I find brands who want to give me money for native advertising?

You are certainly welcome to contact brands directly and negotiate a price you are both happy with. This tactic is only going to work with smaller businesses. Want to work with the big boys like Pepsi, Disney or Kraft? You are going to need a “social sponsorship broker” to do that. Big businesses have massive ad budgets and are looking to spend a large chunk of money to create sponsored stories over say 5,000 blogs all at once. They don’t have time to micro manage you.

Recently I have seen an influx of of these “social sponsorship brokers” come online. I use a few of them but the one that I use the most has to be IZEA (affiliate links). I am one of 250,000 IZEA influencers and the company connects me with several of their 50,000 registered advertisers on a daily basis.

How Much Can I Make?

I have blogger friends who make $350 or more per post who have around 200,000 page views per month. If they post every day they might publish thirty pieces of content a month and if ten of those stories are sponsored content, the blogger is earning $3,000 a month. These types of earnings are commonplace and also do not account for the money earned from simply posting a status update, photo or video to their twitter, facebook or instagram accounts. Yep, just like the celebrities, bloggers get paid for doing just that.

If you’re just starting out with a new blog your earnings are not going to be as significant as someone with a seasoned blog. Bloggers with say 10,000 page views per month can expect to earn anywhere from $75 to $150 per sponsored blog post. Still…if you are running your blog as a side business and have a normal 9-5 this income could easily cover your vehicle or mortgage payment. If you want to make blogging your full time job you need to treat your blog like a business and dedicate time to research, photography, writing, social and marketing. It’s totally doable and you can run your blogging business from anywhere with an internet connection.

The easiest way to start getting paid is to start your blog now! Want to know how? I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial that will have you up and running in less than 15 minutes here:

How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps


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