Can I Lose 60 Pounds in 16 Weeks?

Goal Weight Loss

I recently wrote a post on how I have been feeling like crap lately.

210 pounds. I weigh 210 pounds. Up from my lowest recently of about 185. That’s a 25 pound gain in the last six months. I’m 5’6″. Not a healthy weight. I’ve been feeling like crap. Back into my “fat pants” and the heart palpitations are back. I had gotten rid of them when I had dropped weight.

Last year I had been training for the Inaugural runDisney Dopey Challenge which is 48.6 miles run consecutively over four days (5K + 10K + Half Marathon + Full Marathon). I was in the best shape of my life back in January and ran my fastest half marathon (The Celebration Half) at 2 hours and 49 minutes. I ran the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge (10K + Half Marathon) the following month (February) and then race season was over for me here in Florida. Ain’t nobody wanna run outside when it’s 95 degress with 100% humidity. So I took a month off from running and I started traveling a lot. Traveling and drinking and eating a lot. So here it is September and I’m clocking in at 210 pounds.

I signed up for the 2015 runDisney Dopey Challenge cause I knew if I had a deadline and training plan, it would force me to get back into the best shape I could be in. Race weekend starts in roughly 16 weeks and my goal weight I’d like to be at for race weekend is around 150. That’s 60 pounds I need to drop over the next four months. 3.75 pounds per week. Can I do it? I believe so. I took off 35 pounds before.

I need to be accountable if it’s going to happen. I documented my 35 pound weight loss over on another blog which I have since abandoned. Too many websites to manage. The site is still live though so I went over and read it this morning for inspiration and to take a look back at what I was eating as I dropped the weight. A trip to the grocery store and $240 later, my fridge is stocked with lots of meat and produce. The key to my weight loss last time was no carbs. I can’t do no carbs this go round, I have too many food related events I’ll be blogging about over the next few months, but I can limit carbs and eat them only when I go out for these scheduled events. No carbs in the house.

I really think that my spirits will be lifted as I work towards this 150 pound weight goal. I have to remind myself that I’m not fat. I have fat. There is a difference. And I can lose the fat. I will be posting here with my techniques, exercise routine and recipes along the way. Wish me luck!