Anatomy of an Epic Girls Weekend at the Walt Disney World Boardwalk Inn {Day 2}

This is the second installment of Epic Girls Weekend. To see what we did on day one check out this post.


Saturday was the day that Susan was scheduled to attend her conference at the Walt Disney World Boardwalk Convention Center.  I was not attending the conference because I already know everything…or so my mama used to tell me. I did however want to go for a run and work off some of that bacon cupcake and beer I had consumed on Day 1. So when the alarm clock went off I sprung from my bed to see what was the matter.


It was pouring down rain. I pulled the covers back over my head and snuck in a few more hours of eyelid-watching.  When I got back up around 9:30ish the rain had stopped and it was overcast. Perfect weather for Disney running.

amanda tinney runDisney new balance running trail walt disney world

There’s a great running loop at the Boardwalk Resort. I headed out of the resort near the Scary Clown Pool. Took the path over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then back past the Swan & Dolphin Resorts, onto the boardwalk and made my way towards Epcot passing both the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Once I had made it to the International Gateway I stopped at the bathrooms there and got a drink from the water fountain. It was at this point that another runner came bounding out of the restroom full tilt. She slowed down to ask me what I was training for and I tried to pace her for a bit. That only lasted a few minutes. Speedy McSpeed Pants was training for a triathalon. She had completed the swim portion of her training earlier that morning and was on the run portion. That’s the nice thing about running at Disney. You never know who you’ll meet. I wanted to do a 5K that day but by the time I made it back to the Boardwalk Inn I was only at 2.65 miles so I stopped and headed back to the room to get my bathing suit on. I had a date with some ducks at the quiet pool.

After I changed into my suit I took a dip and just floated for an hour or so. Not another soul around but me and the ducks.

boardwalk resort quiet pool walt disney world

At this point I was starting to get hungry. Yes, the rumors are true. I DO have a hollow leg.

Susan was still at her conference so I would be dining solo.  The weather was starting to turn again and I heard tell of tornado warnings in the area so I didn’t want to venture too far. Best place to dine solo without looking like you have no friends is bellied up to a bar. This meant I had two options. Big River Grille and Brewing Works (where the beer is good but the food is sucky) or the ESPN Club (where the beer isn’t as good but I know there’s a salad there I like). I opted to go to the ESPN Club. At least I could pretend like I was watching TV there and not have to make idle conversation with anyone.

I found a spot at the bar tucked into a little corner and ordered myself a Left Hand Milk Stout and an Asian Chicken Salad.

disney espn club beer and salad boardwalk

As soon as my food was delivered the sky opened up and the bar started to get packed.  A gal from Boston sat next to me and we got to talking. She was also at the Boardwalk for a convention. The convention had ended and she had decided to stay a few more days to visit the parks. She had reservations at Rose & Crown around 4:30 and had gotten caught in the rain on her walk over to Epcot so she stopped in for a beer. I had the best time chatting with her and my Left Hand Milk Stout turned into another Left Hand Milk Stout and then a Terrapin Hopsecutioner. I couldn’t let her drink alone! She confessed how she thought Walt Disney World without kids was an excellent option and I agreed.  What up Sue if you’re reading this now!

Because the wooden leg wasn’t quite full and because I had a hankering for something sweet I walked my sassy self right into the Boardwalk Bakery for a treat.

boardwalk bakery case walt disney world resort

The Oreo Mickey Cupcake was calling out to me. I don’t usually talk to baked good, except when I do. Tell me you could resist THIS!

boardwalk bakery case walt disney world resort mickey oreo cupcake

I was kind of bummed that the tower of frosting on this bad boy was whipped and not buttercream. Also the OREO cookies were stale. But that didn’t stop me from eating the entire thing…by myself…in the privacy of my secluded back porch.

About the time I finished my carb bomb, a few of my girlfriends came to the room for a visit before heading back down to the convention center for the closing party. We chatted for a bit and when they left I got in the shower to freshen up for dinner.  After the party Susan came and scooped me up and we grabbed a cab over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort cause ain’t nobody got time to fool around with the Disney’s bus system.

By the time we got to the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort, the check-in for California Grill, it was around 9:15pm. Wishes fireworks, which can be viewed from the restaurant, started at 10pm and I knew we were going to have a heck of a time getting up to the restaurant without a reservation. We wanted to sit at the bar and have dinner, which does not require a reservation…but so did all the rest of the world.

*Tip – If you dine at the California Grill early in the evening and want to return to watch the fireworks over Magic Kingdom from the restaurant, you can return with your receipt from that day.

Disney california grill contemporary resort

Being the seductresses that we are *cough* , we were able to persuade the gate keepers on the 4th floor to let us up into the lounge where we immediately ordered cocktails and sushi.  Susan went with the Dragon Roll while I opted for the Pork Belly Nigiri

photo 2 photo 3

Just as we shoveled the last grains of rice in our faces we herd Jiminy Cricket announce the start of Wishes and we made our way out on the catwalk to watch the show through the lenses of our iPhones. #bloggerproblems

photo 4

We were obvi an emotional wreck watching the Wishes fireworks and dreaming of childhood days gone by, so we decided to drown our sorrows in salted caramel and friend dough…like I told you in Day 1’s post…fried fare don’t care.

photo 5

The Grill was about to close down for the night so we moved the party next door to Bay Lake Tower’s Top of the World Lounge.

Disney bay lake tower top of the world lounge martini

This place is amaze-balls and has sweeping views of Bay Lake and the Magic Kingdom.

Disney bay lake tower top of the world lounge bar

Check out the Chandy Candy.

Disney bay lake tower top of the world lounge bar chandelier

Top of the World Lounge is very low key and gave Susan and I a chance to really get deep in conversation.  That’s one thing about flying kid-free at “the World”. Time to just take it easy and take it all in. Time to do big kid stuff.

Like wash your hands in a tiny sink.

Disney bay lake tower top of the world lounge bar tiny sink

I think it’s pretty clear from this photo that we needed to grab a cab and start putting ourselves to bed.  When we got back to the Boardwalk we tried to place a voodoo curse over the Creepy Chairs in the Lobby. This one is named Paul. Yes…these creepsters even have their own Facebook Page. One of my girlfriends refused to have her wedding photos taken in the lobby here for fear that one of the Chucky Twins would make it into a shot.

disney boardwalk resort scary chair paul lobby

You’re not going to want to miss tomorrow’s post where we get rubbed with oil, eat fruit sushi and find Hidden Mickeys and tears in our beers.  The saga continues…


  • Ro Fielden says:

    OK, you now have me convinced that CG needs to go on my ADR list next trip. And thanks for the heads-up on the creepy chairs FB page! What flavor was the icing on the Oreo cookie cupcake?

    • Um…yes. You totally need to go to the Grill next trip. If you don’t make an ADR you can still go and sit at the bar. Icing was just whipped…like whipped cream. No bueno. It did have an oreo buttercream filling in the middle. Don’t know why they didn’t put it on top too?

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