10 Things You May Not Know About the Island of Barbados

Barbados Beach

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with a dozen travel writers for a luncheon with a few reps from Elegant Hotels Barbados. This luncheon would give all of us an opportunity to get to know the five Elegant Hotel properties and what each unique resort had to offer. Y’all know I’m a huge foodie so being able to lunch and learn at the same time…and with wine…was right up my alley.

Not only did I come to the realization that as a US traveler I need to get to Barbados…and I will soon…the presentation was rich with key facts about this 14 by 21 mile island in the Atlantic Ocean.  Here are 10 things you may not know about the tropical island of Barbados.

1. Barbados is the birthplace of rum.

Mount Gay has been producing rum there since 1703. And there are many places to enjoy that locally produced rum. In fact… there are close to 1,500 rum bars on the island. #PassTheMojitoPlease

Barbados Rum Barrels

2. They have their own food and wine festival.

Well…correctly stated it’s a Food, Wine & Rum Festival. Mount Gay’s Food, Wine & Rum Festival draws big crowds during the month of November.

Mount Gay Rum

3. The locals refer to themselves as Bajan.

Bajan (bā′jən) – Sounds like Asian but with a “b”. There’s also a major sport played there called Bajan road tennis. If tennis and ping pong had a baby, it would be Bajan road tennis. It’s basically ping pong played outside with tennis balls and paddles and no table. The table is the road.

4. Cricket is Huge in Barbados.

Barbados was colonized by the British and therefore has many British influences. Cricket plays a major role on the island. Barbados hosted the final of the 2007 Cricket World Cup. There’s an entire museum dedicated to the sport there.

Beach in Barbados

5. Barbados is below the hurricane belt.

There hasn’t been a storm there in over 55 years.

6. You can run a marathon on the island.

In the month of December when temperatures cool off Barbados hosts runners at it’s Run Barbados race series. Athletes come to compete in a 1-Miler, 3K, 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon. Come for the rum…uh, run. Stay for the fun.

7. Macaroni Pie is a must!

Word on the street is that you have’t experienced traditional Bajan cuisine until you’ve had a proper macaroni pie from a street vendor. The locals are big on eating flying fish and sugar cakes as well.

8. Same day weddings.

Looking for the perfect destination wedding spot? You can arrive and get married in the same day on the island of Barbados. Just make sure that your nuptials are sealed before the sun sets. It’s the law.

Turtle Beach Barbados

9. Beach conditions vary greatly on each coast.

Barbados is located in the Western area of the North Atlantic. Guests staying on the eastern side of the island can enjoy water sports provided by the waves coming off the Atlantic Ocean while guests on the western side of the island are provided with calm waters originating out of the Caribbean Sea.

Turtle Beach Elegant Hotels Barbados at Night

10. Elegant Hotels has five distinct resorts there.

Elegant Hotels is unique collection of five luxury hotels situated along the stunning beaches on Barbados’ west and south coasts. With traditional resort, adults-only and unique all-inclusive options, the collection provides travelers with an exotic, upscale escape. Pick your pleasure out of the following:

  1. Colony Club – Timeless retreat for the discerning traveler.
  2. Tamarind – A contemporary & chic beach family getaway
  3. The House – Adults-only hideaway.
  4. Crystal Cove – The premium all-inclusive escape for romantics.
  5. Turtle Beach – Ultimate all-inclusive beach resort for all.

For more information on Barbados visit Barbados.org and to explore the collection of Elegant Hotel properties on the island visit ElegantHotels.com.