Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT “MedGyroCuit”

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT


I’ve partnered with TRISCUIT and Walmart on this story and as such I have been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. . All opinions are mine alone. #MadeForMore #Walmart #CollectiveBias

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

Last month my daughter and I embarked on an 11 night cruise in the Mediterranean. We began our journey in Spain and called on ports in France, Italy, Turkey and Greece. While my teenager was looking to take everything in culturally, I was looking forward to experiencing each country through my taste buds. Especially Greece!

The first port we landed in was Crete and as we disembarked the ship I dreamt of walking the cobblestone roads with a big unctuous lamb gyro in hand dripping with tzatziki sauce.

After my first attempt at ordering a lamb gyro and getting the “what-are-you-talking-about-you-crazy-American-tourist” look and hearing ” we only have pork or chicken”, I became a little confused and decided not to order anything…moving along to try and find a proper street vendor. Surely they would have the coveted lamb gyro I sought.


My second attempt at ordering a lamb gyro was at a place called “Gyro King”. I could see the meat stacked on the spinning spits, juices dripping. The men behind the counter brandishing large knives with welcoming smiles. A young man came out to take my order.

“I’ll have a lamb gyro please.”

Gyro in Crete, Greece

This was the point in my culinary adventure when I found out that I wouldn’t be eating any lamb in Greece. The young man told me that in Greece, pork and chicken are traditional. If I wanted a lamb gyro I would have to wait until our port of call in Turkey. Turkey is where lamb was common. (btw…I tested out my theory in the port of Rhodes as well and just like Crete, the gyro platter in Rhodes was pork.)

And that my friends is why I love travel! Not only does it get you out of your element and allow you to see beautiful places and eat exquisite foods, it also gives you the opportunity to learn about other cultures, knocking down assumptions that you may have about a certain group of people.

So when I found out I would have the opportunity to partner with Walmart and TRISCUIT and I saw that one of the newer flavors being offered was TRISCUIT Mediterranean Olive Crackers, I was like “BOOM”. I’m making a pork gyro topped TRISCUIT!

So what exactly are the components of a Greek gyro?

Pork Gyro Platter in Rhodes, Greece

The components of a Greek gyro include pork, tomato, onion and tatziki sauce all rolled up in pita bread. Usually stuffed with a handful of hot french fries.

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

I sourced everything that I needed at Walmart. In addition to the TRISCUIT Mediterranean Olive Crackers, I also picked up a box of TRISCUIT Cracked Pepper & Olive Crackers, because…you know…snacks….

There are also a few other new-to-me flavors on the shelf that I need to try including TRISCUIT Smoked Gouda Crackers. Hello cheese! And TRISCUIT Sriracha Crackers which I’m thinking would be stellar topped with shredded chicken and a little blue cheese dressing. But I digress…

Triscuit Crackers

Some of you may be thinking “what the heck is tatziki sauce?”

It’s a super easy Mediterranean like dip composed of Greek yogurt, dill, cucumber and lemon juice. Here’s how I made mine:


Mix the following together in a small bowl:

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/2 tbs. dill
1/3 minced medium cucumber
1 lemon wedge juiced
salt and pepper

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

After I whipped up a bit of tatziki sauce, I began assembling my Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUITS…”MedGyroCuit” for short.

  • Layer One was the cracker
  • Layer two was a thinly sliced roma tomato
  • Layer three, some pulled pork I had left over. You could use pork lunch meat from the deli section.
  • Layer four was a dollop of that Greek tatziki sauce
  • Layer five, a sprinkling of finely minced purple onion

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

This was the perfect bite and tasted just like the gyros we had on our Mediterranean cruise.

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

Mediterranean Style Olive Pork Gyro TRISCUIT

How about you? What do you like to top your TRISCUIT crackers with? For more ideas like this one visit